Direct Automation

*** Now Incorporated with   1800 633 040 , 07 553533217 ***

All sales and services for Fetch Automation will be migrating over to Direct Automation.

Direct Automation have a extensive catalog of industrial Automation , Process Control  , IOT hardware and software which will further compliment the Fetch Automation products.

Connect your software and hardware systems with quality, easy to use, and high performing software  applications from  vendors conforming to the OPC Foundation standards.



Communications Platform for Automation

KEPServerEX is a flexible and scalable solution for connecting, managing, monitoring, and controlling diverse automation devices and software applications. Communications is managed through a robust platform that supports an array of open standards such as OPC, propriety communication protocols, API’s, and various automation systems’ interfaces. KEPServerEX enables improved operations and decision making throughout all levels of an organization.

Connect, access, and control your industrial data with Kepware software solutions.


Our Partnered Technology

OPC Router – The industry 4.0-software

The continuous optimization of your production processes is crucial for the quality of your products and ultimately for the success of your company.

Replace old communication channels step by step with the OPC Router – up to complete integration of PLC (programmable logic controller), PCS (process control system), SCADA, SQL-server, label printers, email-server and ERP-systems (ERP: Enterprise Resource Planning).
As a central communication platform, the OPC Router offers you automated data exchange by integrating all systems and isolated solutions.

By recording your process data you have a continuous overview




Alarms & Notification

Exele’s TopView® software is a powerful yet easy-to-configure alarm management, alarm notification, and remote monitoring tool for process and automation data, databases, and system performance & network ping response data.



Automation Technology For Tough Business Problems

OPC Systems.NET is a complete suite of all .NET products for SCADA, HMI, and plant floor to business solutions.
  • Share data with OPC Servers, OPC Clients, .NET applications, SQL Server, Oracle, Access, and mySQL using your LAN, WAN, and the Internet.
  • Create HMI applications using Visual Studio or Expression Blend with no programming required for WinForm, Web, and WPF solutions.