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A comprehensive alarm management and alarm notification software system from Exele for wherever data needs to be monitored. Use TopView® for process and automation data, relational databases, system performance and network ping response data. Audible, e-mail, SMS, and voice notification. Plus, desktop and mobile apps to keep users connected to important data and events                                              .

Especially useful in water and waste-water, power generation, oil and gas, pharmaceutical, data centers, metals and mining, manufacturing, building management, chemical, pulp and paper, research, communication, transportation, IT, and system performance. Easy to use, easy to manage, infinitely scalable 



TopView contains a robust notification engine supporting a wide variety of devices. This includes audible alarms, email, SMS/text, voice callout, and pagers. If you need additional notification options, TopView allows you to write your own notification handler. Notification Messages can be fully customized to ensure that the delivered message is meaningful to each user. Many of TopView’s notification methods are bidirectional (email, SMS/text, voice callout), allowing the notification recipient to acknowledge the alarm and prevent escalation to other people in the organization


The value of alarm history is being able to improve your process and reduce alarms. TopView stores your alarm history and makes it available for internal reports and analysis as well as 3rd TopView’s built-in alarm reports can be schedule and emailed or created on-the-fly. Insightful alarm analytics exposes “bad actors”, alarm flooding, and periods of unusual alarm activity.


Whether you need to monitor 100 tags or 100,000 tags, the same TopView product can be used. Our architecture allows the TopView Engine to run as one or many multi-threaded processes in order to balance the resources of the both the TopView machine and your data servers. TopView succeeds where other products fail which is one of the reasons why some of most data intensive companies rely on TopView to help them manage their alarm

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