Manufacturing Solutions

With the KEPServerEX connectivity platform handling device connectivity and interoperability within your manufacturing facility, you can easily collect, manage, and monitor all of the equipment on and around your plant floor.



Connectivity Solutions for Industrial Automation and Controls

With its wide range of machinery, automation, and applications, manufacturing plants face many communications challenges that ultimately affect safety, productivity, and profitability.

Kepware’s KEPServerEX connectivity platform enables users to connect, manage, monitor, and control critical production, facility, and infrastructure data through a standardized communication layer. Its industry-proven platform design allows you to meet the requirements unique to your plant’s manufacturing environment.


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Control and Monitor Production

Real-time production control and analysis requires frequent information from all machines and equipment on the plant floor. If you can analyze your production data, you can optimize your line and ensure that your manufacturing systems are operating efficiently. The challenge of gathering and using this data comes from the very nature of the plant floor ecosystem, which often requires the ability to connect and communicate with many different devices from different manufacturers that speak a myriad of languages or protocols.

KEPServerEX helps you manage data from disparate data sources by providing connectivity to the following industry-leading companies and technology:

  • Automation equipment manufacturers, including GE, Mitsubishi, Omron, Rockwell Automation, Schneider Electric, and Siemens
  • Standard protocols, including Torque Tool, MTConnect, EUROMAP 63, and OPC UA
  • HMI, SCADA, MES, and ERP software through OPC DA, OPC HDA, and OPC UA
  • Database applications, including SQL, Access, and Oracle

Modern Manufacturing Plants Require Flexible Systems

Standardizing plant floor communications through a connectivity platform enables modern manufacturing plants to quickly implement new equipment and systems based on criteria unique to their specific needs—with minimal effect on existing infrastructure. Designed to streamline the deployment, management, and delivery of information, KEPServerEX simplifies the communications architecture, providing:

  • Connectivity to an ever-growing list of devices and applications based on the current and future needs of the Manufacturing Industry
  • Support for legacy, current, and future controllers’ firmware and operating systems
  • Industrial-strength solutions rigorously tested to withstand the most demanding industry requirements, including tools to support fault-tolerant redundant environments

Leveraging Plant Floor Information throughout the Enterprise

Decision making requires current, accurate, and detailed information. With access to real-time plant floor data, you can identify, respond, and resolve maintenance issues and problems before they impact productivity. The challenge comes in securely gaining access to frequent, robust, and reliable real-time and historical information.

Kepware’s solutions enable visibility into process, product, and asset data across the factory to all levels of the connected enterprise by providing:

  • Direct, simultaneous connections to all required clients, including ERP, MES, HMI, SCADA, Mobile, Big Data, and IoT platforms
  • A unique platform architecture that can scale for applications with one protocol, one device, and one data point to hundreds of protocols, thousands of devices, and millions of data points
  • Secure, authenticated, and encrypted communications from client to device across various network topologies

Decision Making From Shop Floor to Top Floor

Kepware’s industry-endorsed software solutions help companies improve operations and decision making throughout all business levels.