Configure multiple OPC servers into redundant pairs, thus increasing the OPC data’s availability and reliability. RedundancyMaster can be seamlessly integrated into any existing OPC application without loss of data or changes to the client. The redundant servers are mapped transparently and will appear as a single OPC server connection to the OPC client.

Key Features and Benefits
• Mitigates Object Based and Linked Based Failures: Monitors these conditions and prevent unnecessary downtime in your system, saving you time and money.
• Pair Two OPC Servers: Facilitates the redundant operation of multiple OPC servers, increasing the reliability of your OPC system.
• Local Machine Redundancy: The OPC client, RedundancyMaster, and the secondary OPC server all reside on the local
machine, reducing the need for another machine to run the secondary OPC server.
• Multiple OPC Server Pair Redundancy: Multiple OPC server pairs gather data from two separate device networks.