ThingWorx Kepware Edge allows the most valuable features of KEPServerEX to be deployed in Linux-based environments, enabling connectivity directly at the site of the machine, device, or sensor.

Key Features and Benefits
• Reliability: Same best-in-class reliability as KEPServerEX; users can expect stable and dependable connectivity
• Scalability: With support for popular Linux operating systems and tag-based pricing, users can cost-effectively deploy hundreds of instances to support an edge-based architecture
• Licensing: Licensed with a licensing server, enabling license distribution to multiple instances at once.
• Simplicity: Protocol translation at the edge means users can rely on secure, efficient, and modern protocols instead of building and securing proprietary cell or radio networks
• Connectivity: With support for the most popular industrial protocols, product OEMs and System Integrators no longer need to create and maintain custom drivers to connect their machines
• Security: Utilizes modern and secure protocols to protect your data in transit
Linux based Edge Connectivity Product
• Targeted Edge/IOT applications/customers
• TW/OPC UA/MQTT Interfaces
• Modbus/Rockwell/Siemens Drivers