Product Overview

KEPServerEX is the industry’s leading connectivity platform that provides a single source of industrial automation data to all of your applications. The platform design allows users to connect, manage, monitor, and control diverse automation devices and software applications through one intuitive user interface. KEPServerEX leverages OPC (the automation industry’s standard for interoperability) and IT-centric communication protocols (such as SNMP, ODBC, and web services) to provide users with a single source for industrial data. The platform is developed and tested to meet our customers’ performance, reliability, and ease-of-use requirements.

Watch our two-minute video below to see how KEPServerEX solves common connectivity challenges—providing secure and reliable access to real-time industrial data so everyone from the shop floor to the top floor can make smarter decisions.


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manufacturing_vertical_suite_icon Manufacturing Suite
Gives the industry professional a comprehensive list of drivers to work with at an affordable price. You will get access to all of our standard drivers for use on a single PC/Machine
building_automation_vertical_suite_icon Building Automation Suite
Provides industry professionals with access to the world’s leading communication software needed to facilitate the management of building lighting, HVAC, power, safety and security.
oil_gas_vertical_suite_icon Oil and Gas Suite
Provides industry professionals with access to the world’s leading communication software needed to monitor and control petroleum, natural gas, and pipeline process installations.
it_infrastructure_vertical_suite_icon IT and Infrastructure Suite
Provides automation, IT and operations professionals with access to the world’s leading communication software needed to monitor and control most of the equipment making up system infrastructure.
oil_gas_vertical_suite_icon Power Distribution Suite
Gives the Power Distribution professional a comprehensive list of drivers to work with at an affordable price.

linkMaster_iconLinkMaster OPC Bridging Software
Provides the means of linking data between OPC Servers, thus acting as a universal bridge for OPC Systems. Additionally, LinkMaster is an OPC and DDE server allowing it to act as a bridge between legacy DDE systems and new OPC enabled applications.
Increases the reliability and availability of OPC data by allowing multiple OPC Servers to be configured into redundant pairs. Each redundant pair seamlessly appears as a single OPC Server to any OPC Client application. RedundancyMaster can be added to an existing server/client application without any reconfiguration of the application, keeping your processes going with out any down time
training_icon2Kepware Customized Training Program
PTC’s Kepware-focused training program is designed to address the specific challenges unique to users’ automation environments. Courses can be customized based on trainees’ levels of expertise, location, application, and industry requirements. If you have interest in Australia for training please contact

dataLogger_iconDataLogger Option for KEPServerEX OPC Server
The DataLogger is an easy-to-configure application that logs data from an OPC server to any ODBC-compliant database. DataLogger’s tight integration with KEPServerEX provides substantial, unique benefits such as simple installation, high-efficiency performance, and easy browsing of tags in the OPC browse space.

advanced_Tag_IconAdvanced Tag Option for KEPServerEX
The Advanced Tag Option for KEPServerEX offers a convenient, cost effective, and straightforward way to generate new data and aggregate existing data into information suitable for high level archive and analysis. Through Advanced Tags, users can measure the duration of operations, totalize events, perform averages over a group of sensors, set trigger conditions for data acquisition, and combine machine conditions to generate an overall machine state. These capabilities are extremely valuable for future analytics.

ucon_gray_iconOPC Alarms and Events (OPC A&E)
Kepware’s Alarms and Events plug-in for KEPServerEX can help reduce costs and improve performance. OPC AE clients can receive and monitor process alarms, operator actions, informational messages and tracking/auditing messages directly from KEPServerEX’s Alarms and Events Plug-in. Monitor areas of a process that may require operator attention when defined thresholds are met, such as; safety limits of equipment, event detection, and abnormal situations. The Alarms and Events plug-in can also be used to help identify faulty equipment, create maintenance work orders and improve on operator’s effectiveness. In addition to the operators handling of Alarms and Events, the plug-in can also be used to collect and record alarm and event information for audits or used in correlation with other historical data.