OT Asset Visibility & Management in One Place

Safely collect, monitor and manage OT asset data at scale


Key Benefits






Our OT Asset Management Platform Tracks & Audits:


  • Installed firmware and software inventory, including versions
  • OS, including version and patches installed
  • Open ports and services
  • Removable media installed
  • Malicious code detected/AV
  • Failure of event logging
  • Serial number
  • Policies modified


  • Successful and failed login attempts
  • Generic and shared user accounts
  • Local and A/D accounts
  • Password parameters and age
  • User account locked
  • Policies modified
  • Privilege raised
  • Failure of event logging


  • Firewall rules, including change detection
  • Blocked execution (packet)
  • Blocked unauthorised file
  • Policies modified


  • CPU usage over time
  • RAM usage over time
  • Disk space
  • Swap space
  • Connectivity lost
  • Shutdown
  • Rebooted and boot checksum
  • Backup failure


*This list is not all encompassing. The data collected varies for each device, dependent upon the manufacturer, model, and version.