KEPServerEX and Thingworx Kepware Server are more than OPC servers — they are interoperable connectivity platforms for industrial automation and IoT. Advanced Plug-ins extend the capabilities of the platforms providing enhanced server functionality, increasing the usefulness of data by transforming it beyond raw data in a device register. Advanced Plug-ins are included with the ThingWorx Kepware Server license or can be licensed individually or as part of suites.


Advanced Tags: Enables Machine to Machine (M2M) tag linking, logic, and math functions for operational communications and analysis

Alarms and Events: Offers unique alarm input, output, and acknowledgment messages

DataLogger: Logs data from KEPServerEX to ODBC-compliant databases

EFM Exporter: Collects historical Electronic Flow Measurement (EFM) data from leading flow computers and RTU devices

Industrial Data Forwarder for Splunk: Provides industrial data to Splunk™ software platform for asset management and predictive maintenance

IoT Gateway: Streams real-time industrial control data into IT or IoT applications for Business Intelligence and Operational Excellence

Local Historian: Moves data collection, storage, and access closer to the data source to prevent data loss and improve operational efficiency

Scheduler: Moves the scheduling of data requests from the client to the server to optimize device communications across networks with limited bandwidth

SNMP Agent: Enables most Network Management Systems (NMS) to communicate with automation devices and systems