LinkMaster provides a means of linking data between OPC servers, thus serving as a universal bridge for OPC systems. LinkMaster acts as both an OPC server and DDE server, allowing it to bridge legacy DDE systems and new OPC-enabled applications.

Key Features and Benefits
• Programing Knowledge Optional – Fast and robust Windows application that requires no programming knowledge. Simply
“Drag and Drop” to create your links.
• Control Data Transfers With Link Groups – Reduce network traffic and increase reliability by tailoring your data transfers to fit the needs of the application and controlling how fast data is transferred from one OPC server to another.
• Ease of Use – provides fully-featured data bridging, drag and drop link creation, error logging, support for creating Custom Remote Machine references, and more.
• OPC Server to Server Bridging – link data between two (or more) OPC servers.
• OPC Sever Collector or Gateway – Functions as a single OPC server that serves data from multiple OPC servers acting as both a client and a server.
• OPC Server Within Server Bridging – Routes data between two PLCs connected to the same server.